Through his 27 years of secondary and college education in film, television and language arts, Kevin Walsh has created texts, curricula and workshops for educators of all types--whether they have media background or not.

In an approachable, entertaining and engaging style, Kevin has been taught corporate and educational sessions to help students and employees better understand the impact of film, television, photography and social media.

Whether you're a middle school administrator looking to engage your faculty on the better use of new iPads or you are a business seeking for methods to better communicate with your customers AND your employees, Kevin can work with you to make a difficult bridge-building a little easier.

He is a regularly featured writer on Huffington Post, both in the Detroit market as well as nationally in sports, entertainment, education and parenting.

In February 2014, Kevin created and hosted a Media Teacher Symposium that drew 50 educators and professionals from Michigan to supplement their curricula and to problem-solve funding and moving STEM to STEAM by better incorporating the arts into the push for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math in the classroom. 

Kevin's photography has been featured in the Detroit Free Press and his video work used in Detroit's Channel 2, 4 and 7 broadcasts.  He has hosted events with media personalities such as Pixar director Dan Scanlon and sports personality Eli Zaret.