Kevin Walsh has over 27 years experience in all aspects of multimedia productions, including...

Following the success of his blog, MyMediaDiary, Kevin began a podcast in January 2014.  His guests have included entertainers, educators, and specialists in all areas.  With quality audio equipment and an engaging interview-style, your own business can offer an informational podcast for its own website that can be featured on mainstream platforms as Amazon and iTunes.

Check out Kevin's podcast "MyMediaDiary" on iTunes


From his darkroom as an eighth grader to a daily comic strip in college for three years, Kevin has been drawn to graphic arts and animation.  

If you have Photoshop needs, cartooning, or animation through Motion or AfterEffects, contact him.  You might even want to place your daughter into a TV show's cast-photo for a Bat-Mitzvah!  You never know!


Kevin's blog, MyMediaDiary, was founded on a blend of humor, insight and balance and has been seen by over 50,000 viewers in just over a year.  


He has consulted for McDougal-Littel's literature textbooks and published his own text used in high schools across the country, Video Direct.

If you are seeking creative writing, press-releases, script-writing or even exciting ol' reports.  Give him a try!


Ten years ago, Kevin began a genealogy exercise to avoid flood-damage from every ruining the basement full of family archives.  The result, the Kelly Family Network and with it, Kevin started his venture into web-design with DreamWeaver.  Since then (as is the case with this site) WordPress has taken over the world of cyber-architecture and he's learning every day.

If you need help with setting up your site so that it is engaging and user-friendly--let alone popular, contact Kevin.


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