Family Oral Histories

Preserve Their Stories…

How Does It Work?

Allow us to professionally record interviews with your loved ones, solo or in small groups, as they share their important memories as a family legacy.  Kevin Walsh has recorded important oral histories for the Holocaust Memorial Center and the 18 episode historical series, Digging Detroit.  In the comfort of your own home or on-location (such as an old neighborhood or historical site), your important memories can be preserved.

Kevin also produced the 18-episode documentary series, Digging Detroit, that offered personal histories such as the Sisoy family whose family has lived in the same home that was built when Henry Ford drove down the street.

Or a visit with an original Rosie the Riveter who shares her story of WWII, seeing FDR and listening to the news of Pearl Harbor over four different radios in her boarding house.

What is Included?

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Basic Package 

  • On-location recording for one hour (within 30 minutes of Detroit area–extra travel time expenses to be quoted)
  • Up to 10 photos used in the final video
  • Titles
  • Private YouTube link to share, DVD and/or video file (MP4, etc.)
  • Audio recording with transcript

Additional Charges

  • Extra recording time – hourly rate
  • Additional photos, home movies/videos
  • Music, extra titles