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Founded in 2014 by Kevin Walsh, a retired high school language arts and media instructor, MMD Productions is dedicated to high-quality, economical solutions to capturing the stories around us–through:

From his days with a garage-sale darkroom in eighth grade, through his cartooning in college and producing hundreds of talk shows and high-end, multi-camera production of sporting and theatre events, Kevin has always been most interested in the stories that surround each of us.

Jason Potash, Producer at Storyboard Entertainment, with former teacher Kevin Walsh at 2010 Tribeca Film Festival for the award-winning short, “Some Boys Don’t Leave.”

Kevin Walsh is a freelance videographer and producer and co-founder and producer of the documentary series, podcast and blog Digging Detroit. For 28 years he taught language arts and video productions in Royal Oak, West Bloomfield and Southfield and served as Humanities Chair for the University of Phoenix’s Detroit Campus and enrollment marketing director at the Motion Picture Institute. He is proud to work as the 501c3 non-profit DAFT’s co-director of the Michigan Student Film Festival–the longest running student film festival in the country and serves on the DIA’s Friends of Detroit Film Theatre auxiliary. In 2013 he created the blog MyMediaDiary  featured in Huffington Post. His freelance production company, MMD Productions, LLC, specializes in oral histories, streaming production and multimedia events. He has experience on film sets as well including working as associate producer for the motion picture Dial A Prayer (William H. Macy and Brittany Snow).

Got an event you need captured? Check out this quick-turnaround video produced for Shakespeare Royal Oak

He has recorded important archival interviews with survivors for the Holocaust Memorial Center in Farmington Hills, Michigan and is a tour guide, photographer and media producer for Detroit History Tours.

Kevin Walsh hosting a forum with Pixar’s director Dan Scanlon (Onward & Monsters University) at a Q&A for students in May 2013.

Kevin is president of the 501c3 Digital Arts Film and Television which has sponsored the Michigan Student Film Festival since 1969.

DAFT President Kevin Walsh with Pixar's director Dan Scanlon ("Monsters University") at a Q&A for students in May 2013.

His clients include businesses, schools and non-profits in addition to individuals.  (Testimonials.)  Kevin is also an author of a textbook and in 2-13 he founded the blog MyMediaDiary.com which has been read by over 200,000 readers featured on Huffington Post and national newspapers over 50 times.

Published in 2006, Kevin’s media production workbook, Video Direct, is used in secondary media productions in over 40 states–available for $25.

His 2006 textbook, Video Direct (Teacher’s Discover, 2006) has been sold in over 40 states.