Video Productions


Business Testimonial and Informational Videos

Short informational videos for waiting rooms, social media and patient education.

Live production shooting

Do you have a big event you need captured?

Got a Cause? Try Animation!

Using music, images and some important information this animated video was created for a Kickstarter campaign.

Original Documentary: Digging Detroit

Kevin co-produces Digging Detroit, a web-series featuring historical stories of the 313 year-old city, producing videography, editing, web-design and graphics for the show.

Promotional Video

Pitching an idea for a $50,000 grant, Kevin produced this video for Detroit History Tours.


Invidual News Stories: Take customers behind YOUR scenes…

We create engaging stories about your company and cause.

This 4-minute video of "Shakesepeare in the Park" was featured in Huffington Post and picked up by many local news channels.

Promotional Ads

This short spot for Eli Zaret's video-skills workshop demonstrates how Kevin can come to your location and shoot your business as well as add in graphics and b-roll.


Why not take a tough situation and make it fun--and draw some folks to the zoo in the wintertime?

Kevin uses kids as voice-overs for the lonely animals.

Commercials with Graphics

Try a short info-ad, such as this product ad featuring natural shots of children with voice-over, music and animated graphics.

Music Video from Original Song

Based on an original wedding song, Kevin worked with the song's producers to craft a promotional video for the song and album's promotion.


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